She's like a dove of peace.

I was born in Boston in 1995.

Damon is still just as poor as he used to be.

Pedro is a dead ringer for John.

I think you know Jisheng.

They do not speak English.

I'll take whatever I can get.

She waved at me before she got on board the plane.

The balloon went up slowly.

Joachim says he wants to quit his job.

She's promised to give me a ring.


They're kind of fun.

Do you have any kids?

Father has now got a superior position in his office.


I fear that the ghost exists. It has been well known for three centuries, since 1584 in fact, and always makes its appearance before the death of any member of our family.

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The cat lay hidden behind the bushes.

What's your favorite kind of apple?

The salts and minerals found in these mountains are quite diverse.


Her morality is flexible.


Clarence said it was no concern of his.

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I need to know why you weren't here yesterday.

The more you study, the more curious you will become.

Kusum has never had to worry too much about anything.


She's only a couple of years younger than me.

My children had eaten all the cookies by the time I got home.

If I had known her address, I would have written to her.

Great minds think alike.

I hope Maria writes soon.


You shouldn't wait any longer.

Would you tell me where his house is?

Row me across the river.

Mr. Ford is all right now.

What would you say to them?

Could you make sure Dylan shows up on time?

Will the police come?

He is a kook.

I'm proud to be working on this project.


Drew realized he had no choice.


Can you sew on these buttons for me?

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I didn't understand a thing.

I knew Raghu didn't like me.

Famine followed upon the eruption of the volcano.

"Why didn't you bring an umbrella?" "It was such good weather this morning!"

I've been studying French for three years now.

I came because of Luis.

Every day you should at least listen to a short song, read a good poem, look at a beautiful picture, and, if possible, say several intelligent words.

When did you start learning French?

I don't like being home alone.

France seems to be swinging left - Britain to the right.

She abandoned me.

I've been trying to get a little exercise every day.

What else have you lied about?

It started a chain reaction.

His maiden work established his reputation.

I'm not sure, but Marcos may come.

She was minutely examined.

I want to let Carolyn know that there's nothing to worry about.

I'm with exactly who I want to be with.

"What have I got, doctor?" "A cold."

Jerome is allergic to strawberries.

Are you sure you don't want to live at home with your parents?

It was a traumatic experience.

He cannot write his own name.

My sister works as an assistant to a college professor.

Starting tomorrow, this e-mail address will no longer be valid.

Ken isn't brave enough to try again.

Please be sure to turn off the light before you leave.

Did I really do that?


You can't put him off until tomorrow?


She's my wife's friend.


Norma still has my bicycle.

I was upset.

They murdered her.


I'm calling you on behalf of Mr. Simon.

How long ago did Lar move to Boston?

Miscarriage is a heart-breaking experience.


Izchak knew what to say.


Stop pulling my hair!


There is no reason why he should be dismissed.

She was always complaining about her husband.

They like to play in the snow.

She must be about 40.

I don't know how to make friends anymore.


I wrote this song for Marsha.

He unzipped his pants.

How many parking places are there in this garage?


He carried on at his work eventually.


Tim has a good side and an evil side.


What hotel are you staying at?


Could you give me a lift in your car?

That child's mother is a director.

Miles rushed out of the office.


Old people look back on the past too much.

What's the weather like now?

Those flowers smell sweet.

You heard what Carsten said last night, didn't you?

You should talk to Jeanne, too.

How did you help Lenora?

The government of this country oppresses its people.

Knowledge is like manure, it's only good when spread.

Do you know how to cook meat?

I don't get the point.

Were you sincere?


He earns a great deal.

I'd like my coffee after the meal.

If you don't tell Andries, I will.


After long reflection, I ended up making things as they go.

I feel so lonely.

Neil put on a good show.


The old woman exited the bus.


It wasn't where Presley said it would be.

I'm not asking for money.

Which dictionary are you referring to?

The store is having a sale today - buy one, get one free!

Crime rates have gone down significantly over the past decade.

Do you realize what this means?

It was warm.

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Metin told me about everything you've been through.

America's consumer slump will hit those around it as well.

For next class, I want you guys to transcribe the lyrics from any singer as long as it's in English.

We did it already.

We lost Nou.


We got to the top of Osaka Tower.

Glenn is not at all hungry.

We did just that.


Vernon was sound asleep when Naim walked into the room.


What time is the last train?

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In the Soviet Union, there were maybe only official or political ideas.


I'll go shopping tomorrow.

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You live in a little house.


I have a few friends to talk for a long time on the phone with.


Ned used to ask me so many questions about Boston.

This isn't over yet.

You've never told me your name.


You are no longer welcome here.

I was expected here before ten.

A parrot was perched on the captain's shoulder.

She altered her plans.

Sofoklis is a Red Sox fan.

Everyone is grieving.

She should be charged with murder.


We've seen our share of action.

Put him in a psychiatric hospital!

Dewey picked up one of the cans, opened it, and took a sip.

Franklin is embarrassed by his son's behavior.

A man passed him.

The hosiery factory produces 600,000 pairs of socks a day.

My sister and I are about the same age.

I've never told Teresa the way I feel about him.

And he calls himself a sniper!

Does a child's musical talent depend on heredity?

It rained yesterday afternoon.

Arthur might be taller than you.

The incident sowed the seeds of the war.


I feel like I have to be there.

How could that be?

Dream on!

Give me the watch.

Everything is ok, don't worry.